About the Chair

The origins of the Chair go back to the year 1953 when the Chair of Civil Structures was created at the Faculty of Civil Engineering. Then, in 1958, the Building Materials Section was created as part of this Chair and its head became professor Zbigniew Pieniążek (at that time a doctor). It lasted in that form until 1964 when the Building Institute was set up within the faculty. In 1970 the University was restructured and the Faculty of Civil Engineering was divided into institutes. The Building Institute became the Institute of Building Materials and Structures under which name it has existed until the present day. In 1974 some specialised sections were created including the Section of Building Materials which was headed by professor Władysław Muszyński until 1975, by professor Zygmunt Jamroży from that date until 1992. Within the Section there were informal scientific-educational teams led by professors Zygmunt Jamroży, Tadeusz Broniewski and Tadeusz Domin. Finally, in 1992 the Section was reorganized under the Chair of Building Materials and Structure Protection, still existing today, which was headed by professor Zygmunt Jamroży until 1999.

Based on:
"Tadeusz Kościuszko Cracow University of Technology – 1945/1999"
edited by Prof. W. Muszyński
Cracow, 1995

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